Trudeau’s options for Bill 62Technically

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Designer Valentino Replica Putting her in extracurricular programs, music classes, drama and acting classes. Let her hone in on her own craft. “As a federal government,” he told reporters at another stop in Quebec, “we’re going to take our responsibilities seriously and look carefully at what the implications [of the bill] are.”For Trudeau, it is now down to how he chooses to exercise those responsibilities.Trudeau’s options for Bill 62Technically, the federal government might not be able to “challenge” Bill 62 in court.”The federal government does not have standing to directly challenge a provincial law on the basis of the charter, because governments don’t enjoy charter rights,” said Carissima Mathen, vice dean of the faculty of law at the University of Ottawa.But the Liberals do have options if they want to get involved.If an individual launches a challenge, the federal government could seek to act as an intervenor and file arguments in the subsequent proceedings. In 2013, for instance, the federal government intervened in a case involving Quebec’s Bill 99, which deals with secession.A re instated Court Challenges Program could also, conceivably, help fund a challenge.Alternatively, the federal government could refer the legislation directly to the Supreme Court, asking the high court to review its constitutionality instead of waiting for any legal challenge to reach that level. Designer Valentino Replica

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