The social critique of Gangnam Style is largely lost on a

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wholesale jerseys Korean bloggers and some western media have tried to explain the more subtle satirical elements of a song that lampoons consumerist and aspirational Korean culture, based around Seoul well heeled Gangnam neighbourhood.PSY represents a true Man in the video and sings his praises for the Seoul women who eat $2 Ramen for lunch and then spend $6 on conspicuous consumer items such as Starbucks Coffee. He luxuriates on the beach, rides his thoroughbred and dances in flashy nightclubs. However by the end of the song we learn that he actually a poser, a wannabe, who is actually sunbathing in a children playground, riding a horse carousel and dancing on a bus with senior citizens.The social critique of Gangnam Style is largely lost on a Western audience who prefer to place PSY and his tune in the mental filing cabinet ticked Asian YouTube Videos They focus on the ridiculous dance instead of the thoughtful satire that PSY has created through language and imagery.A particularly cringe worthy example is an episode where Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears and the gleeful audience learn how to dance Style from PSY.There is no discussion with Psy about his life or the song as other pop stars would be granted and he practically has to force Ellen to let him introduce himself. wholesale jerseys

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