I like all of those things, but I love the things that money

The most expensive afternoon tea experience in Bath, but worth it. Three substantial main tea selections are offered: The Duke of York (mostly savoury), The Elizabeth Montagu (half sweet/half savoury) and the RC250 (the hotel celebrated its 250th birthday in 2017), the classic sweet afternoon tea. As well as finger sandwiches, scones and pastries, there are some delicious, and intriguing, versions of Bath delicacies to sample, including a Bath chap beignet (pig’s cheek rillette in a breadcrumbed ball), and a Bath bun with a sugar cube inside, and cinnamon butter to spread on it. Brownie points for being offered complimentary seconds of food and drinks refills. If you can, come on a warm summer’s day when you can have tea out on the lawns of the hotel’s gorgeous garden. Otherwise, you dine, with some formality, in the refined Dower House Restaurant.

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Canada Goose Parka I confess that I like the things money will buy. I like to live in a nice house, drive a nice car, wear nice clothes, belong to the country club canada goose outlet store canada goose outlet canada goose outlet online , play on beautiful golf courses, travel to nice places, take my family out for relaxing dinners. I like all of those things, but I love the things that money won’t buy. Money will buy me that house, but not a home. It’ll buy me a companion, but not a friend. It will buy me pleasure, but not happiness. Money will buy me a bed, but not a good night’s sleep. It will buy me a good time, but not peace of mind. Canada Goose Parka

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